Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise

Ye Fan stared at the shadow, not the first time he had met a God, but also had fought with all the heroes, knowing the horror of this creature. This deity is absolutely unbeatable. After all, it is the result of the scattered evil thoughts of the ancient emperor. Once he is forced into a desperate situation, he may overturn the starry sky. If we can awaken his past life, let his good thoughts awaken and break down. Ye Fan said to himself. In this world, what the gods fear most is the power of thunder plunder and so on. Unfortunately, he is not in the period of plunder now, and there is no way to get rid of him. Eucharistic Do you think you can trap me with a magic array? Break it for me! The overlord roared. The seven seals of the Forbidden Immortal had fallen, and the infinite starlight cast a cage, sealing him in the middle, covered with purple blood, and the white bones were clearly visible. The God was standing beside him. Although there were endless stars, the place where he stood was dim and vague. At the moment, Huo turned his body and looked at Ye Fan. What kind of eyes are those? Ruthless, cold, full of the chill of death, like the arrival of the Dark Age, reappeared in this vast universe, people feel a feeling of despair. He let out a deep roar, which made the vast universe shake violently, and the violent breath flowed, and everyone in the starry sky was cold from head to foot. There is something special about this deity. His age cannot be judged by common sense. His strength is strange and it is not easy to judge. The old voice spoke again. This is not a man-made disaster, is it? Another old man was very worried. The God thought to move, his low roar, Yin Qi towering, even directly to the sun, moon and stars of the brilliant brilliance are scattered, attributed to dim. There was a loud noise! No one knows what kind of secret method he used,plastic pallet manufacturer, where it was completely extinguished, the seven seals of the Forbidden Immortals were disintegrated by him, the cage cast by the stars was broken, and the demon and the overlord got out of trouble one after another, like wild animals out of the gate. In a flash, the killing intention swept through the universe, the universe seemed to be dark all of a sudden, all kinds of stars were covered by the evil thoughts, he was like a demon crossing the border, dominating everything here. Eucharist: You have trapped me with the Dharma array, and now it is broken. I see where you can hide. Today,plastic pallet supplier, no matter what else, it is only about life and death! The overlord's eyes are cold, and the opportunity to kill is revealed. Only one person can survive this war, they are old enemies, must fall one, so that there can be a result. Ye Fan stood on the starry sky, surrounded by the stars, and his area was sacred and full of masculinity, because he had to deal with the divine mind and was extremely afraid of it. Kill! The overlord roared and rushed forward with the Demon Lord, turning into two rays of brilliance, tearing the universe apart, and the chaotic gas was shaken out. Tai Chi gives birth to two instruments! Ye Fan shouted lightly, shaking his hand and throwing out the flags he had carved one after another, inserting them in the starry sky to increase the strength of the law array. At the same time, he continued to use the source to activate the huge ancient array under the starry sky, using the law of the extreme source to revive all things, from the sun, moon and stars to the dust of the universe. The remnants of the ancient heaven left behind flashed, and an area specially laid by Ye Fan was even more blazing. A Taiji immortal map, which was not huge, but not small, plastic trash bins ,plastic bulk containers, appeared. Inside, the sun and the moon rotate, and meteorites are dragon-shaped curves, forming an immortal array, which releases peerless divine power at this time. Heaven and earth change, the sun and the moon shift, playing with a star field, Ye Fan cut off the sky with superb source, separating the devil from the overlord. The law array changes, the stars change, the sea dries up, and the stars turn into dust. In this moment, it seems that it has experienced such a long and terrible change. The yin-yang curve composed of meteorites divides the sky into two parts, turning into the Taiyin fish area and the Sunfish area, which are entangled with each other and rotate with each other. The overlord is isolated in the area of Yin fish, while the God mind is isolated in the area of Yang fish, isolated and besieged separately. In the area of Zhiyang, thousands of brilliant stars spread out in rivers, full of Yang Qi, and Ye Fan faced the gods directly! "Boom!" Demon-like existence, a step forward, instantly dim the stars, Yang sharp decline, even if the law array can kill the sage king can not immediately suppress the demon. "Whose divine mind is this? Is it so powerful that it was born in ancient times?" The ancient times mentioned by the saints in the starry sky are totally different from those mentioned by the mortals and the little monks. In ancient times, there was only one Qing Emperor, this. It's not his evil thoughts, is it? Everyone was nervous and whispered in the dark. It seemed that this God was not simple. It was many times more powerful than people thought. It was difficult to deal with. With a roar, the devil stepped forward, calmly and calmly, like a shadow of the ancient emperor, suffocating people, and many people could not help but kneel down. Resist, never kneel, this is only an evil thought of the emperor, is the most evil creature, can not be deterred by its momentum. Ancient emperors need to be worshipped and worshipped, but this diametrically opposed devil is not worth kowtowing. Buzz! Ye Fan's eyebrows rushed out of a small tripod, and then quickly enlarged, the internal thunder rolling, fog surging, the release of the power of heaven, on the spot shocked the gods, he quickly stopped. Ye Fan's tripod is different from others. The disaster he has experienced is too terrible. Every time he crosses the tripod, he will leave some patterns and brands on it. That is the convergence of Lei Ze. Nowadays, flowers, birds, fish, insects, the sun, the moon and stars, and the gods of heaven are all engraved on the sky, which contains a kind of breath of the sun. So many days of plunder are different, even the young emperor has come out to conquer, it can be imagined that the vast thunder plunder, so far the breath left behind is still afraid of the gods. However, the devil only stopped for a short time, and immediately moved forward, to Yang to just the breath of thunder can not stop him, fearless. This It's not really the God of Qing Di, is it? It is too powerful, only the evil thoughts produced by the ancient supreme dare to fight against the thunder robbery! "No, the Qing Emperor has only passed away for ten thousand years, and it is impossible for a divine mind to appear." In the starry sky, a pair of old men showed a dignified look, paying serious attention, talking in a low voice,stackable plastic pallets, and ordering the disciples to start deploying, if there is an accident, they will try their best to seal the place and avoid man-made disasters. cnplasticpallet.com