Armed mecha

"Just now, the radar system captured four super-space-time fluctuations.". It has been confirmed that one of them is the Bluebird small research boat of the New Empire, and the other three are our Dolphin Sea class high-speed combat ships, which are directly under the Luo Lie family. "List the family?"? Why are they here? Order the fleets nearest to the ship to assemble immediately. I think it might be necessary for us to meet the elite troops of the Luolie family! Void.. Kahn said as he scraped his chin with his fingers. 。“ Understand! The order will be given immediately! As he replied, the messenger's fingers flew across the keyboard at the same time. It is reported that a distress signal has been received from a small scientific research boat of the New Empire. At that moment the inquisitor answered again. The new Imperial research ship is calling for help? Did I hear you right? Void.. Strauss-Kahn was clearly confused by the situation. 。“ Did I mishear, or did the other party not understand the situation? Give me another confirmation. A few seconds later, the messenger replied again: "It has been reconfirmed to the other side that it is indeed a distress signal submitted to us.". The other side also added that there was important information about AIR to tell Colonel Jing Ze face to face. "Report!"! At present, the target has entered the distance that the optical sensor can capture. Is the image displayed? "Show me the image. I'd like to see what kind of medicine they're selling." "Understand, start imaging." With the voice of the navigator, the image of the Bluebird research boat and three Hagen high-speed combat ships was clearly displayed on the large screen on the bridge. Three dark, streamlined, dolphin-like high-speed ships are chasing a small, snow-white,mobile garbage bin, thin ship with a shape somewhat similar to a whale. The Bluebird was actually scarred, but suddenly the Hagen man in charge of the pursuit was ordered to capture the Bluebird and fly to destroy it, so the three high-speed battle fleets were pressing on the Bluebird in an inverted shape. The excitement of the scarred Bluebird was obviously declining rapidly, because it was about to become the trophy of the high-speed ships arranged in an inverted shape. Commander, what do we do? Everyone saw the situation in front of them,spill plastic pallet, and it was clear that if they didn't make a move at the moment, the Bluebird had a 100% chance of being captured by the high-speed ship, but because of the void. Strauss-Kahn didn't give instructions, so they had to be anxious. 。 It's obviously empty, empty.. Kahn felt very hesitant in the face of the current situation. 。 In fact, as far as the current situation is concerned, people who know a little about the culture and history of the Hagen people know that if he betrays his family and returns to the ethnic group through other ways or means, then firing at the fleet of the same race is tantamount to making the most thorough cut with his own race, and to a greater extent than just cutting. Firing a cannon against a fleet of the same race would mean mortal enemy in Hagen law. This means that in future battles, plastic pallet box ,plastic pallet manufacturer, if any Hagen fleet encounters a fleet under the flag of the void, the result will be a life-and-death battle, until one of them is completely dead, no prisoners, no booty, only heads. It is because of this legal void. Kahn hesitated Because he must be responsible for his subordinates and for the consequences of firing artillery. And he was not sure whether this was a plot by the new empire and his family's political enemies within the Hagen people to force a complete separation between himself and Hagen. Perhaps because of the above reasons, the three high-speed ships listed in the void. Strauss-Kahn appeared to have nothing to fear from his fleet. The slow change of formation, the slow approach to the target, all their actions seem to ignore the void at all. The presence of the Kahn fleet 。 It is at this critical moment that the Bluebird research ship turns to the void. Strauss-Kahn's flagship sent a video request. 。“ What? The other party sent a video request? Void.. Kahn frowned at the news. However, no further instructions were given. It was at this time, before the space war to the void. Kahn's Advice Demands Void . Kahn's chief of staff, who ordered the entire fleet to stop retreating, duly spoke. : "Cut it over!" Originally, this kind of ultra vires act on behalf of the package was empty. Kahn's most intolerable behavior But at that moment, the void.. Kahn chose to remain silent. And this silence was tantamount to acquiescence under the circumstances. So two seconds later, the other party's video signal was picked up. But after seeing each other's influence, the void. Kahn frowned even more. 。“ Admiral Void! I hope you remember me. I'm Dr. SN. The other side is gentle and confident and gentle to the void. And the void.. Where's Kahn? ? Only after seeing the other side and hearing the other side's words, he immediately gave the order. The whole fleet opened threatening fire on the Luo Lijia high-speed combat ship! Order them to abandon Bluebird and exit DK-209 immediately. With the void.. Kahn's orders Hundreds of cannons were placed around the three high-speed combat ships of the Luo Lie family, igniting a series of bright barrages. This time it was the turn of the commander of the Luo Lie family to jump, and the commander of Hagen, who was in charge of pursuing the Bluebird, was actually an old acquaintance, who was the original void. When Kahn helped the Xuanwu penetrate the Hagen blockade, he deliberately made things difficult for Captain Rodo in the Void. 。 According to the recollections of a second lieutenant present on the Void side at the time, the Captain Rodo, after receiving a warning shot from the Void Fleet and a warning communication, abandoned the Bluebird, which had almost been captured by them, faster than a rabbit, and then retreated as quickly as possible to the range of the Void Fleet before he dared to send out a video to express his anger. Void.. Kahn 。 You are the scum of the Kahn family, a disgrace to the Hagen people,collapsible pallet box, and you are a ***ing madman. Do you understand what will happen if you do this? Shelling the kindred fleet! You just wait for the clan Council to issue a supreme order to kill! At that time, Rodo was furious and shouted in the video. Although Rodo was very angry at that time, anyone with a discerning eye could see from his pale look that he had not yet recovered from the high degree of shock. Of course I know what kind of order I gave. Void looked contemptuously at the clown in front of him and answered him in a light and dignified tone.