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As soon as the idea moved, the void broke, and a huge sword that had already been ambushed rushed out in an instant and cut it down. Boom! There was a loud noise, the overlord's sword bounced off, and the man retreated. When the other two saw that Qin Tian had not used the sword full of the power of heaven, they twisted their eyes and rushed out at the same time. There was a twist in the air, and the power of Dzogchen was extremely violent. Had it not been for the power of the dragon and elephant to protect the mind, I'm afraid they would have died under the pressure of the spirit without their hands. Qin Tian sees a person, the corner of the mouth is raised coldly, violent one, "startled a sword!" "Clang!" "Buzzing!" Qin Tian turned into a sword, the body of the sword released an incomparably powerful force, containing the power of heaven, this power instantly released, crushing all around the power of Dzogchen. Both of them were startled at the same time. His eyes dilated, his whole body felt cold, and he quickly retreated. But it's too late. Qin Tian has long locked one of them, locked when they appeared, why would he be locked, because he is really too ugly. A sword cut out, three people simply can not move. One person died, two people crawled on the ground, extremely uncomfortable, Qin Tian quickly restored the real body to urge the sword spirit again, toward another person, cold drink,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, "chop!" The blood sword turned into a thousand layers of sword shadows in the air, and the powerful sword rose into the sky and split down in an instant. Puff. The body broke in two. The strength of the sword spirit is not weaker than the Dzogchen strong, under the pressure of the power of a sword heaven, they simply can not make any response, can only watch the sword spirit cut down. Blood sword slay one of them, Qin Tian did not rush to attack the other, but a cold drink, draw out the dragon knife, a violent sound, "dead!" The man's face changed dramatically,Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin, his face turned pale in an instant, and he rushed into the passage without much thought. Where to escape. Qin Tian gave a loud shout in situ and did not catch up with him, but he laughed wildly in his heart and said coldly, "I hope you can bring the letter to.." (Full Text eBook Free Download) Chapter 288, the awakening of the afterlife. Chapter 288, the awakening of the afterlife. Thank you for the reward support of "Jieli", thank you for the support of the evaluation ticket of "100 shots and 100 failures", thank you for the support of the monthly ticket of "2345asd, Hongm méng Wuji Supreme". Thank you very much!!! ———— Sword spirit ambush, startled a sword alert, resist a person, instantly cut out, use the power of heaven to form a powerful pressure to ignore the defense, at the same time, the sword spirit breaks through the air and kills with a sword. Two dead, one wounded. It's the perfect ambush. At the very beginning, the overlord sword, which had resisted a blow, Prison toilet for sale ,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, stuck to Qin Tian's whole body and was ready to go. If Qin Tian was willing, the man could not escape. However, the news of the escape of the sound demon must be released, which is the first step of his plan. As long as the news gets out, this step will be successful. From the conversation just now, Qin Tian could easily guess that the man was in love with the sound demon, so as long as he returned to the top, he was bound to report to a more powerful demon, or even to the afterlife. It will be much easier to implement the second step of the plan. Kill two strong Dzogchen, get more than ten million experience, the consumption of Qigong value instantly added up, unfortunately, did not burst out good things, which makes Qin Tian very uncomfortable, heart secret way: "Dzogchen strong poor like this, the Demons are too shabby." Open the system and watch the cooldown of the'amazing sword 'slowly recover, frowning, and not into the channel, but toward the other side. After walking for about half an hour, he stopped. Summon the overlord sword to protect the Dharma, and then sacrifice the glass tower, and the whole person turns into a mass and flows into the tower. An amazing sword is his reliance! Before the end of the cooling time, Qin Tian will not easily step on the 17th floor. Upgrading is very important, and skill upgrading is equally important. The fifth floor! Qin Tian was startled, and now his seat is the fifth floor of the glass tower, that is to say, the space he is now in is six times the space. One release equals six points of proficiency. Unexpectedly, the fifth step of breaking the sky can enter the fifth level. It seems that as long as you reach the realm of Dzogchen, you can enter the seventh level of ten times space. Glazed pagoda is divided into seven layers, the seventh layer is the highest layer, but also the most special, with ten times the space, the best place to practice. Qin Tian could not allow much thought, so he calmed down and chchōu gave a loud shout out of the Dragon Sword, "Heavenly Sword.." "The dragon goes out to sea, and the gods are amazing." "Level seven rage." In the cooldown time of Tiandao, Qin Tian practiced other skills, the value of Qigong dropped crazily, and the skill proficiency also rose rapidly. The crystal nucleus in the Dantian continuously releases Qigong to supplement the Qigong value. But the speed and quantity of the crystal nucleus are too slow, completely unable to keep up with the rhythm of Qin Tian, continuous practice for about two hours, Qin Tian will stop, waiting for the Qigong value to recover slowly, but also communicate with m máomáo. Seal the top layer of the magic array. The space on the first floor is very narrow, but it is the most spiritual place. There's only one person here, the afterlife. Emperor Huang Quan, the head of the Demons in ancient times, is a powerful saint with unparalleled power. He was attacked by the three great saints of the Immortal Sect and was seriously wounded before he was sucked into the Demon Array. For ten thousand years, he wanted to break through the seal of Jiulong Zhentian all the time, and once again led his Demon horse to step on the world, to flatten the Immortal Sect, and to reduce the mainland of Tianyuan to the 107th dependency of the Demons. This is the ambition of his life. Tens of thousands of years of sealing did not wear down his will, but made his heart more firm. Failure after failure did not make him depressed, but more confident. Emperor, a disciple of the Immortal Sect came to seal the demons. My second brother and third brother were killed by him, and they also kidnapped the Sound Demon King, but the Sound Demon King took the opportunity to escape. The devil who escaped from Qin Tian immediately told the Emperor of the Yellow Spring that he was particularly concerned about the sound demon. Disciple of the Immortal Sect? As soon as the afterlife opened its eyes, it was very plain,stainless steel toilet, as if an old man had woken up from a deep sleep. The breath on his body was plain, and he muttered a word. Then his eyes closed, and a powerful idea directly penetrated the knowledge of the sea kneeling in the devil's head.